In matters of home décor and interior designing, carpets come out as a great value addition.  We say this because, the right carpeting can make your home feel cozy, and luxurious. Indeed, a carpet can beautifully complete your living space, bedroom, or den. But, not all carpets are made the same, and it is important to know which type of carpet best suits your home. Today, you’ll find multiple types of carpets available for you to choose from for your aesthetics. These carpets range from natural fibres to synthetic, and the type of carpet that may interest you depends largely on your usage, lifestyle, and the climate of your area. And when you decide to buy one, look for a carpet made in India because they come in richness of design and variety unmatched in the world. It is here that you may explore QAALEEN Carpets that stands right at the forefront of the top carpet manufacturing companies in India!

Getting back to the main storyline of this blog, let us take a look at the different types of carpet that you may come across while shopping for your home.

The Different Types of Carpet

There are mainly 8 common types of carpets that you may come across while shopping for your home:


One of the most common options is nylon carpets. A synthetic fibre, nylon is amazingly durable, and it can withstand wear and tear quite well. A majority of nylon carpets are quite affordable, and they come in diverse colours and styles. If they are properly maintained, nylon carpets can really last for generations. These nylon carpets are best suitable for playroom, living room, bedroom, child’s room, and stairs.


Olefin makes a great choice for areas where dampness is a persistent issue. Being resistant to mold and mildew, this synthetic fibre was made for utility over comfort. Resistant to stains and fading, they present themselves as an inexpensive option for carpeting in humid climates. These Olefin carpets are best suitable for outdoors, basements, bathroom rugs, and pet areas.


Polyester is one more synthetic material that competes with nylon with regard to common usage, colours, and variety of styles. It has the best ability to dye well, besides being fade-resistant. Created out of  PET, the material is a budget-friendly option for homes, offices, and more. These Polyester carpets are best suitable for bedrooms, kids’ rooms, guest rooms, pet areas, den, and living room.


Acrylic is a cheaper, and more resilient option to wool. The acrylic carpets are created out of man-made synthetic fibres, which are modelled to look and feel like wool. These carpets are good for general use in and around the house, and are commonly used in upholstering many homes. It is soft, and is great to use in kids’ rooms for plush carpeting. These Acrylic carpets are best suitable for bedrooms, guest rooms, den, kids’ rooms, living room, playrooms, and general areas.


Being a natural fibre with luxurious look and feel, wool is a much-desired, though expensive, option for opulent spaces. Wool carpets are normally made from sheep, alpacas, or angora rabbits, and they can range in price based on the animal where the material is from as well as the reputation of the company that supplies it. These Wool carpets are best suitable for master bedroom, den, and guest rooms.


Triexta is a synthetic fibre that has become the favoured carpeting choice for families with children and pets. Carpets – that compete with nylon and polyester – are heavily durable, and resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew. These carpets are best suitable for kids’ rooms, pet areas, stairs, bedrooms, guest rooms, and general areas.


Fibre or fiber carpets can be made from a range of natural materials, like jute, sisal, and coir. The generic term for a tough and fibrous flooring, natural fiber carpets are made for a more natural feel and aesthetic. These Fibre carpets are best suitable for indoor gardens, living room, and foyer.


Similar to fiber carpets, yarn carpets can be made with a multitude of materials ranging from natural to synthetic. These Yarn carpets feature fun, modern designs, and they can also be made at home as a crafting project in which even kids can take part. These Fibre carpets are best suitable for kids’ rooms and bedrooms.

How To Choose The Best Carpet Type For Your Home

With so many options available in the market, it is important to check out your home to find the most suitable material and style for your home. Check whether there will there be kids using the room, or even pets? Check whether you are looking for durability or comfort? Know that different rooms can have different carpeting, so you should keep in mind what your goals for each room will be in choosing what kind of carpet best fits the room. And as suggested earlier, look for a carpet made in India because they come in great richness of design and variety that is truly unmatched in the world. And, do explore QAALEEN Carpets that stands right at the forefront of the top carpet manufacturing companies in India!

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