The question is very subjective as it depends upon once comprehending level. But if the question is how much it must take then it is at most 45 days (2.5 Hrs a day) for one time reading and not more than 10-15 days in one revision.

The time taken in reading the subject depends upon the way of reading and selection of material.

Caution for self study is don’t fall in the trap of reading so many books, rather stick to the single source. Falling for many sources will deviate you, so rather than taking the knowledge you will start researching in the subject, which is not the purpose.

So, if we talk about, how one should read the Ethics Integrity and Aptitude then we should follow the below pattern. (No matter from which part you (either theory part or case study part) are going to start the preparation, divide your time according to the weightage of the marks in the examination, as most aspirants start using time disproportionately.)

Ethics syllabus is basically divided into two parts:

  1. Theory Part
  2. Case study Part.

Note: Main part of the syllabus is theory part, if it is clear then you can solve the case studies at very ease.

So, let’s learn how to use our hours in learning the Ethics syllabus of UPSC CSE Examination.

Theory Part:

  • In learning any subject in this UPSC journey, most important part is played by the UPSE CSE Examination syllabus. So, the most important part in the preparation is going through the syllabus for that area.
  • After reading the syllabus acquire a correct conceptual understanding of the terms and concepts. Try to write the definition of the given terms in your words and if possible, note down the real-life examples too (made notes of the good examples from the newspaper.
  • If you are taking classes from somewhere (I took from EDEN IAS, one can give try to this institute and not going to regret), then one of the important things is supplement your class notes with additional, reliable texts such as the 4thReport of the Second ARC, Patrick Sheeran’s Book, the Nolan Committee etc.
  • Make list of great people like Gandhi, Lincoln, Kalam etc, quotes with anecdotes from their lives. This will help in exemplify the values. This is also going to help you in Essay (Eden IAS 70 Thinkers 70 Thoughts is a good compilation of the same, as I was the student so I have this book, you can also purchase it from market)

Case Studies:

  • For studying this try to have a compilation of solved and unsolved case studies. Practice as much as you can, as it will make you best in articulating your thoughts, and if you will have practice of articulation of your thoughts your answer will have good flow.
  • (I would recommend Eden IAS Ethics Case Study Workbook)
  • Try to go through with some SOLVED case studies, if possible, find last year’s solved case studies.

 Some suggested books for the journey are:

  • ARC 4th report
  • Ethics by some D. Subbarao (I don’t remember the exact name) : Not much useful but covers almost all topics
  • NCERT Psychology book Class XI & XII: Selected chapters.
  • Citizen Centric Administration – ARC Report
  • Good Governance (2013), Inclusive Governance (2013), Reforms in Public Administration (2014) Yojana issues.
  • Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude: Lexicon

Note: Last but not least join a good test series for the practice, and don’t go behind the fame rather choose rationally. For me EDEN IAS Test Series worked, not promoting but you can also take someone else reviews too.

Which is the best and less crowded coaching for the UPSC in Delhi?

When you talk about a less crowded Institute, you should also keep in mind that the institute should be worth joining as they must provide good quality classes. There is some overrated coaching where students go after old name or after advertisements but there is some Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi  who they do very less advertisement but they are very known among the students and run a limited student batch to maintain the teaching quality and to provide proper guidance to all the aspirants. Actually, this is the reason why they are the most chosen by the UPSC aspirants.

Good Luck…..!!