Kasol is situated in Himachal Pradesh, on the banks of River Parvati among Bhuntar and Manikaran. Aside from being supplied with rich normal excellence, charming scenes and stunning setting up camp and trekking spots, Kasol holds the qualification of being known as ‘Little Israel of India.’ Kasol has a huge Jewish impact and draws a significant number of Israeli explorers consistently. It offers a few mouth-watering dishes to the travellers and heaps of experience exercises. The travel industry in Kasol is an intriguing blend of flavours which ought not be missed. Here is a bit of movement manual for find in this little villa concealed in the midst of transcending slopes and coniferous timberlands.

Instructions to Reach – Kasol Tourism And Travel Guide

Via Air:

The nearest air terminal to Kasol is Bhuntar Airport close to Kullu, 31 km away. It is associated by trips with three principle adjoining urban areas of Delhi, Pathankot and Shimla. From the air terminal, sightseers can recruit taxicabs to arrive at Kasol.

 By Rail:

The closest railhead to Kasol is Pathankot, which is 150 km from Kasol. It is genuinely very much associated with rail line organisations. Chandigarh Railway Station can likewise be utilised to arrive at Kasol yet it is situated around 310 km from the objective. From the station, vacationers can take taxis to arrive at Kasol.

By Road:

 Kasol is associated with an all around created organisation of streets. The HRTC operates customary transport services among Kasol and significant states like Delhi, Haryana and Punjab. Private administrators too offer transport administrations among Kasol and adjoining urban areas.

Climate and Best Time to Visit –Kasol Tourism And Travel Guide

Summer (March to June):

Summer is viewed as the best season for arranging an excursion to Kasol. With temperatures floating somewhere in the range of 13°C and 35°C, it is ideal for investigating the magnificence of Kasol and for touring. It is an ideal opportunity for setting up camp and for going on long treks that Kasol is well known for. Summer likewise harmonises with various interesting live events that Kasol has. As the operational hub of PSYtrance music, Kasol makes live performances that ought not be missed.

Rainstorm (July to September):

Climate stays charming in Kasol during rainstorms with a great deal of newness and plant life in general. In any case, downpours bring a large group of issues that influence the travel industry. Unexpected avalanches, detours, deluges followed by unremitting downpours can make streets elusive and unsafe for voyaging. Kasol is best to stay away from during storms.

Winter (October to February):

Aside from partaking in a ton of snowfall, winter isn’t a lot of fun in Kasol. A large portion of the occasions travellers need to stay confined to their lodgings because of the terrible climate and snowfall that thwarts touring and trekking. Wearing layers of garments and not ready to partake in free skies isn’t the genuine thought of an ideal occasion in Kasol.

What should be done

 Setting up camp:

Kasol offers some out of the world’s best spots for setting up camp and you can’t without a doubt pass up on a chance of setting up camp under the unmistakable blue skies once in the little town. The riverside fields, the highest point of Kheerganga and Tosh Valley are a few amazing locales to set up your camps and appreciate nature at its ideal.


A movement you need to enjoy when in Kasol kheerganga is trekking. It has a few excellent pleasant paths for trekking and partaking in the picturesque magnificence of the encompassing scenes. There are trekking suppliers who help with hardware and courses. One of the most famous trekking trails is to the highest point of Kheerganga. The 9 km trek is genuinely worth all of the work.

Going to PSY trance Festivals – Kasol Tourism And Travel Guide :

Kasol is the operational hub of Psychedelic Trance or PSYtrance sort of music. It has probably the most insane and most engaging live events which are gone to by large number of fans consistently. On the off chance that you end up being in Kasol during summer you should not pass up on the chance of going to one of these shows. It is chafing and restoring.

Investigating Tosh and Malana Village:

These are little towns situated in the fringe of a couple of kilometers around Kasol. Tosh will get you entrancing grand excellence and some lip-smacking cooking. Malana is an immaculate wonder concealed in the lap of the Himalayas. It has decided to stay detached keeping its own guidelines, customs and customs.

Visiting Manikaran Sahib and Hot Springs:

Manikaran Sahib is a Gurdwara found 6 km from Kasol and a holy spot for the Sikhs. It is tranquil and quiet and many individuals from all religions come here to offer their appreciation. The Gurdwara has a characteristic underground aquifer nearby where individuals can clean up.

Touring in Kullu and Manali:

Kasol is found just a short distance from the exceptionally well known traveler objections of Kullu and Manali. They gloat of probably the most delightful touring spots, amazing perspectives on the slopes and valleys and proposition a plenty of experience exercises like trekking, skiing and paragliding. Snowfall in Kullu and Manali is an amazing sight.

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