Stainless steel is probably one of the most preferred materials that stainless steel bolts & nuts manufacturers around the globe use to make industrial-grade fasteners. Stainless steel offers a wide range of benefits that make it the most ideal, unique, and durable material for the manufacturing of industrial fasteners. 

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a general term given to alloys that offer amazing corrosion resistance. An alloy is a combination of either two or even more metals engineered to produce any single metal that contains more robustness, sturdiness, and durability. The elements or metals used to create an alloy can include the following ones:

  • Chromium and Nickel
  • Iron and Manganese
  • Silicon and carbon
  • Nitrogen and sulfur
  • Phosphorus and molybdenum
  • Titanium and niobium
  • Copper and tungsten, and
  • Vanadium. 

When the proportions of any of the metals described above are changed, the resultant alloys used by the top industrial fabrication supplier in making different industrial fasteners will also feature completely transformed properties and characteristics.  

What makes stainless steel corrosion-resistant?

The stainless steel used by the top stainless steel bolts & nuts manufacturers in the making of industrial-grade fastening solutions is low carbon steel with around 11% chromium by weight. It is chromium that provides the steel with anti-corrosion properties by forming a completely invisible chromium-oxide film on the surface of the stainless steel. This layer is also known as a passive layer. When any parts of products made of stainless steel get damaged either chemically or mechanically, the same passive layer helps it in the self-repairing process. 

Corrosion resistance is one of the most prominent characteristics of stainless steel which can be further increased by adding more chromium content to the steel apart from the alloy such as nickel, molybdenum, and titanium.

Why corrosion resistance matters

The industrial fasteners made and supplied by the top stainless steel bolts & nuts manufacturers and industrial fabrication suppliers in India find applications in a wide range of industries right from aviation, chemical, marine, construction to manufacturing. Some of the conditions where these fasteners are installed might be very hostile and harsh. The fasteners that are applied in the chemical industry are always prone to corrosion due to exposure to various chemicals.

In the same way, the fasteners that are used in the manufacturing industry are always prone to extreme temperatures and therefore need to be made using some specific metals. Stainless steel or alloys created using this variant of steel can combat all these challenges. Apart from it, stainless steel is also unmatched when it comes to determining the quality, durability, and reliability of the nuts, bolts, screws, and other fastening solutions made and supplied by the stainless steel bolts & nuts manufacturers and industrial fabrication supplier in India.

Concluding Remarks

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