A number of retail packaging design ideas can be put into practice to create retail packages that attract customers. Retail packaging is an essential part of marketing and sales for many businesses, especially those in the retail industry.

It’s important to keep retail packaging attractive because it affects customer behavior- if you want more people to buy your product, then you need to make sure they’re attracted by what they see on the shelves. Furthermore, there are many creative custom retail packaging designs out there that will give your business a unique look and feel without breaking your budget!


Retail packing has been around since as early as the 1800s when new goods were delivered from China or Europe in crates made for carrying cargo. Today this form of retail packaging is still a popular retail strategy and plays an important role in consumer behavior. These crates were bulky to move around and cost more.

Therefore, shippers started thinking about more eco-friendly, rigid, light-weight, and safer for the products. Nowadays, retail products are packed in Kraft, corrugated, and rigid boxes for this purpose.

Retail packing can influence customer’s buying decisions by making the product more attractive or not appealing if your retail packaging is not designed well. So, retail packaging can mold buying decisions and can bring more sales or no sales to a product. In addition, custom retail packages are cost-effective ways to make your company stand out from competitors, especially if you’re running on low-profit margins for goods.

Seven Brilliant Ideas:

Below are Seven brilliant retail packaging ideas that any retailer can use to attract their customers and create a memorable brand experience with custom retail packages at any price point.

Rebranding as Artwork

This ingenious idea turns otherwise bland cardboard retail packaging into a piece of art. Rebrand your product by introducing different artwork on the packaging; there are many design possibilities that can be used to print creative artwork on the packaging.

Many retail stores use the design of their products as artwork on retail packages; this gives customers a chance to see what your product looks like before they purchase it. This retail packaging idea is perfect for inspired entrepreneurs that want to add more value to their company and make themselves stand out from competitors.

Creating Retail Packages That Can Be Reused

Custom retail packages that are reusable allow customers to take home their purchase and enjoy it without worrying about how they will dispose of the package after opening. This also means less waste for customers, which is better for both environment and the company’s bottom line.

People love to buy products that can be reused, like its packaging is beautiful enough to make a gift box or many other things like this. This reusability makes your buyer feel that they are getting a return from every penny invested in your retail package.

These retailers are using creative retail packaging designs that can be reused for multiple purposes, and they are gaining more customers because of it. In addition, custom retail packages make a memorable impression on consumers. Therefore, the design should not only look beautiful but also provide some kind of experience to the consumer when opening or reusing these custom retail packages.

Laser Engraving

This design on retail packaging allows your customer not only to look at but feel your branding in addition to reading it as well! Laser engraving adds depth when done correctly by making the surface reflect light like an actual mirror would do.

Although it gives off a more expensive feeling than if you used ink or foil printing because there is no texture from raised lettering also, laser printing looks cleaner and gives a perfectly crafted feel.

Printing on Wood

Designers have been using wood for retail packaging design because it is natural and eco-friendly. In addition, some people prefer to use this material because they believe that when the package is opened, their products will be exposed in a more luxurious way than if you used other materials like paper or plastic.

One thing designer also love about printing on retail wood packages is how long-lasting they can be! This means your branding won’t fade as quickly as with inkjet printers which can sometimes rub off over time from being handled so much during shipping. But this printing creates some extra weight and is hence difficult for shipping.

Package Hanger Design

This creative retail packaging idea provides an easy opening solution and gives customers something to do while waiting at retail stores. You can create a box in a hanger style made of cardboard for your clothing products. People can quickly look around different hanged products, and they may select fasted than you think.

Box with Handle Design

This retail packaging design idea for small products is a box that has handles on the side. This type of retail packaging can be used to hold smaller items like jewelry, accessories, and other such things. It’s perfect if you want customers to take your product out in public or do some shopping while carrying your product around very quickly.

You can use a box to store products, and you should include some dividers inside so that customers could easily organize things. You can also add clear plastic inserts for smaller items like jewelry or other small accessories.

Box as Retail Packaging

Create a retail package with the box wrapping around and over itself, or use it to make an attractive design on the exterior of your retail packages; for example, create a complex tunnel that can be opened from one side while displaying what’s inside. Imagine how surprised customers will be when they open their purchase!

Final Decision

In the end, you are the boss. It depends upon what you are selling as your retail product, and select perfect custom retail packaging for your retail business. There are many more fabulous designs to choose from that are available at Stampa Prints.

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