When you start up a new business, the biggest decision that you should make as soon as possible is the location of your company.

The part of your decision-making procedure can be tricky for your company since there are numerous prerequisites that require being considered to find suitable commercial office space Gurgaon.

Locating an ideal office spot is not only about coming across the most spacious office space available or renting a commercial space with the best amenities.

There are numerous other significant factors that you need to consider. Here are some essential items to keep in mind to find appropriate commercial office space.

Take into account the location

While selecting a working spot for your firm, you need to choose a perfect location since it directly influences the performance of your company.

In an ideal world, a commercial office space in Gurgaon should be situated at the city’s centre to make things easy for your clients to locate and access your company.

The location could be utilized as a marketing benefit. Establishing a firm at a site with an accessible populace can help advertise your service or product and draw customers eventually.

In several cities, the nearer the location of your office is to downtown; the better it is for your business and your clients.

Remember that locating a good commercial space in Gurgaon in the city center is a difficult thing since already existing occupants would hardly ever leave the first-class spot and create a vacancy.

Office Space In Gurgaon

Following are some best locations for commercial office space Gurgaon:

  • Golf Course Road
  • MG Road
  • Sohna Road
  • Unitech Cyber Park
  • Vipul-square Vipul Square
  • Udyog Vihar
  • Saket and other

Best Commercial Properties in Gurgaon

Following are some eminent commercial properties in Gurgaon

  • Emaar Digital Greens Golf Course Extension Road
  • Emaar Capital Towers MG Road
  • Horizon Centre Golf Course Road
  • JMD Megapolis Sohna Road
  • Galaxy Magnum Towers Golf Course Extension Road
  • BPTP Centra One Golf Course Extension Road
  • Palm Springs Plaza Golf Course Road
  • Vatika Towers Golf Course Road
  • Suncity Success Tower Golf Course Extension Road
  • DLF Corporate Park MG Road
  • Dhoot Time Tower MG Road
  • DLF Cyber City NH8
  • DLF Square NH8
  • Unitech Cyber Park Sector 39
  • DLF Cyber Park NH8

Ease of access

Besides considering ease of access for your customers, it is significant to take into account the ease of access for your employees.

The length and cost for your staff to travel will affect the availability of skilled staff to work at the firm.

If the distance or cost is too high, certain members of staff will not think about filling required positions with the company.

Think about the cost

Another vital consideration in selecting a commercial office space Gurgaon is the cost of purchasing or leasing the facility. Consider the financial ability of your firm to purchase or rent a business spot.

Firms situated around downtown areas or business centres are the most favorable spots to run a company but bear in mind that the nearer the spot is to the business center, the expensive the commercial space gets.

The space size and the facilities available also would affect the cost as well.


Office Space on Golf Course Road on Lease: Rs. 90- Rs. 200 per Sqft
Office Space on Golf Course Extension Road on Lease: Rs. 65- Rs. 85/- per Sqft.
Office Space on MG Road on Lease: Rs. 90- Rs. 160 per Sqft.
Office Space on NH8 on Lease: Rs. 80-Rs. 120 per Sqft.
Office Space on Sohna Road on Lease: Rs. 40- Rs. 65 per Sqft.
Office Space in DLF Cyber City on Lease: Rs. 85- Rs. 125 per Sqft.
Office Space in Udyog Vihar on Lease: Rs. 40- Rs. 75 per Sqft.
Office Space in Sector 44 Gurgaon on Lease: Rs. 70- Rs. 100 per Sqft.


Office Space for Sale on Golf Course Road Gurgaon: Rs. 14000- Rs. 25000 per Sqft.
Office Space for Sale on Golf Course Extension Road Gurgaon: Rs. 9000- Rs. 16000 per sqft.
Office Space for Sale on MG Road Gurgaon: Rs. 16000- Rs. 26000 per Sqft.
Office Space for Sale on NH8 Gurgaon: Rs. 16000- Rs. 23000 per Sqft.
Office Space for Sale on Sohna Road Gurgaon: Rs. 9000-Rs. 12000 per Sqft.

Take into account available facilities

Take into consideration the area that your workforce needs. How many members of staff does the firm possess?

How many rooms or cubicles are needed?

Do you require a waiting room? Does the service or product need vast storage space?

What type of equipment does your personal need? These are some of the things that you need to ask yourself to get an idea of the type of commercial office space in Gurgaon that your firm requires.

If you take your time to take into account the items listed above, you can be equipped to locate the best office space for your firm.