Are you a student looking to try something new this summer? Do you think you are capable of working yourself? Are you looking for something where you can earn money for doing some easy jobs? Below is a list of jobs that one can join during their summer vacations-

10 Summer Jobs for Teens

1 – Amazon picker/packer Summer Jobs for Teens

  • Job- Amazon is looking to hire people to work as pickers and packers in their warehouse.
  • Requirements- Under this job, these people need to be at least 18 years old with a working permit. These Amazon workers don’t need any vehicle to complete their tasks. They need to have basic knowledge of technology and electronics.
  • Responsibility- These packers need to use this knowledge for packing goods. As a packer, you need to scan goods on the machines and pack them according to the packaging advised by the machine. You even have robots as your co-workers for working as a packer. These workers need to use folks and lifts to pick things from one place and another. They have to work around machines during their shifts.
  • Stipend terms- The work is quite easygoing and fun, and you are paid on an hourly basis. Hence the more hours you work, the more you get paid.
  • Tip- Work more efficiently by packing and picking extra goods in your time to earn more.

2 – Instacart full-service shopper Summer Jobs for Teens

  • Job- Instacart is a grocery delivery service that hires workers to work with them to complete these deliveries. These delivery executives are further divided into full-service shoppers and in-store shoppers. People planning to work on roads with their music on their own time without any supervision should work as full-service shoppers. They can choose for the bike delivery executive.
  • Requirement- They need to be at least 18 years old with a work permit. These delivery drivers also need a phone to track their deliveries and orders. These phones should have an Android or iOS system installed for their work.
  • Responsibility- The work includes choosing the apt deliveries, handpicking orders, and delivering them to the customer’s doorstep. These shoppers need to download the Instacart shopper app and log in with their shopper details.
  • Stipend terms- As a full-service shopper, you are paid on the basis of the number of orders you deliver, and hence you should work accordingly.
  • Tip- Try to take more than one order at a time in order to earn more at your grocery delivery jobs in Elizabeth City NC.

 3 – Instacart in-store shopper Summer Jobs for Teens

  • Job- As a part of Instacart, you can work as an Instacart in-store shopper by applying for jobs at the stores. This job usually takes place at the store and includes meeting with customers all across the place.
  • Requirements- An Instacart in-store shopper needs to be at least 18 years old and needs to have a working permit. These shoppers need to have excellent communication skills and should be sensitive towards their work environment.
  • Responsibility- As an Instacart in-store shopper, the shopper needs to stay at the store and prepare batches. They can work up to 29 hours at their jobs. These shoppers interact with other shoppers that come to the store and help them with their goods.
  • Stipend terms- As a shopper, you are paid on the basis of the number of hours they work at the stores. The more you stay at the store, the more you can earn at your jobs.
  • Tip- Try to work up to the full potential of 29 hours at your job.

4 – Amazon Warehouse Worker Summer Jobs for Teens

  • Job- Amazon warehouse is a big category to work under. As a warehouse worker, you can work in multiple fields and complete multiple tasks you desire. There are a lot of working options and genres available for students.
  • Requirements- For working as a warehouse worker at Amazon, you need to apply online at the Amazon main site. There you can look for different options and schedules available for you. You need to make sure to be at least 18 years old w.ith a Social Security Number. You need to make sure to be a good team worker and also a great leader if you want to earn more at the job.
  • Responsibility- The responsibilities of an Amazon warehouse worker include loading and unloading goods from delivery trucks, keeping track of inventory, updating inventory on systems; picking and packing goods; managing goods and orders; getting orders ready for delivery, and much more. These usually depend on the job that you choose and jobs that are available in your city.
  • Stipend terms- All these are paid on the basis of the number of hours you work at these.
  • Tip- Work at your convenient shift and post for the maximum hours available with you to get a chance to have a productive and satisfying summer.

5 – Doordash delivery agent Summer Jobs for Teens

  • Job- Doordash is a food delivery company that hires dashers to complete deliveries to customers’ doorsteps. The dashers can work as both full-time and part-time workers and earn to their maximum potential without having to report to any head.
  • Requirements- For working as a dasher, you need to be at least 18 years old and should have a vehicle to make your doordash deliveries. In some cities, you can also complete these deliveries on foot. The doordash dashers should have a working permit and a phone to complete their works. They get the details of these Doordash deliveries on their phones.
  • Responsibility- These Doordash delivery agents are required to accept orders on the Doordash app and then go to the given restaurant to pick up the food. After picking the food they need to take it to the customers’ location to drop it. In case they have to collect cash on delivery orders, they need to use the Doordash Red Card to make their payment. They can easily get them to top up after some time.
  • Stipend terms- You are usually paid for the number of deliveries you complete during your working hours. You can also earn from the tips you earn at the job.
  • Tip- Try to deliver more than one order at the same place at a time to earn more as a delivery dasher at Doordash.

6 – Freelancer Summer Jobs for Teens

  • Job- As a freelancer, students can work on different projects. They can try all types of projects, from content to graphic design. They can work from home and can work at their convenience.
  • Requirements- A freelancer can start working as soon they choose their desired skill. After choosing these freelancers can take up projects according to their skill.
  • Responsibility- The responsibility of these freelancers differ according to their field of interest. They need to search for the right tasks and start working right away.
  • Stipend terms- You are paid per project and can get this money withdrawn after your work is complete. This may vary from project to project.
  • Tip- Take up as many projects as you can complete and complete in your given time.

7 – Social Media Operator Summer Jobs for Teens

  • Job- Social media has become a big platform for working and sharing about social life. Companies have started to use this as a weapon to spread the word about their companies online.
  • Requirements- There is no straightjacket requirement for starting a job as a social media operator. You can start your work even as a new person in the field. You don’t need any prior experience. But any such experience can help you earn more at your job.
  • Responsibility- A social media operator is a person responsible for managing the social media front of a company. This includes planning timelines, creating content, handling graphics, and posting posts and stories to increase engagement and interaction on the pages of the company.
  • Stipend terms- Different companies hire different people with different ways of paying salaries. Work on your knowledge and experience in order to earn more.
  • Tip- Research the latest trend to increase the fall on your page and get earned accordingly.

8 – Uber Eats driver Summer Jobs for Teens

  • Job- Uber Eats is a part of the parent company of the Uber company. The company hires people to make food deliveries to provide convenience to the customer.
  • Requirements- The requirements of Uber Eats deliveries vary in cities. Some delivery locations allow their Uber Eats drivers to complete deliveries on foot. Uber Eats app is a partner to the Uber Eats delivery executives. They provide these Uber Eats drivers with the details about their food deliveries.
  • Responsibility- A delivery driver at Uber Eats is responsible for delivering the customers with their food deliveries from the restaurant. They have to download the Uber Eats app and log in with their details. After that, they have to accept orders and deliver them to the customers’ location. The task is easy, and the workload is minimal. No boss, No tension, Just you and your deliveries.
  • Stipend terms- You are paid on the basis of the number of deliveries you make per schedule.
  • Tip- Accept more than one order at a time and earn more in the same working time and distance.

9 – Teaching assistant Summer Jobs for Teens

  • Job- Education is very important for citizens all over the world. Students from all across the world want to learn more and put their knowledge in the best places. Due to this a lot of students also prefer to move to different cities to study. In such situations, teaching assistants can come into use.
  • Requirements- The requirements for becoming a teaching assistant are dependent on the type of subject you choose to teach. The teaching assistant is supposed to work extra hard to balance theirs as well as others’ studies and hence should be able to balance that. Teaching assistants also need to have excellent communication skills.
  • Responsibility- The responsibility of a teaching assistant is to help the students with their studies and other skills they choose to excel in.
  • Stipend terms- Different students pay different hours for the same tasks. You can also join agencies to get a more stable income for your job.
  • Tip- Gather in more students to get a chance to earn more at your teaching assistant jobs.

10 – Retail manager Summer Jobs for Teens

  • Job- A retail manager is a person who works for managing stores and dealing with customers. Companies look for competent and young faces to work at these retail stores and get better work.
  • Requirements- The requirements of becoming a retail manager depend on the fact if they choose to work as a full-time worker or a part-time worker. Retail managers also need to have excellent communication skills to work in this field. These retail managers should be able to work with customers and take care of their consumers.
  • Responsibility- The responsibility of a retail worker includes opening and closing the store, dealing with customers, making bills, collecting and packer orders, decorating stores, and taking care of their basic tasks.
  • Stipend terms- The retail managers are usually paid at the end of the month and can be paid according to the number of hours they work at the retail store.
  • Tip- Try working at retail stores for maximum hours and sell extra goods in order to take full advantage of the company benefits.

The new transition with age and school can demand a chance to become independent. Taking a job will not only make you independent but will also help you take another step towards an excellent future in your life because it’s never too soon to start learning new things.