Any enterprise, be it small or large, needs to adopt an effective and efficient method to handle its employees, particularly when it comes to the recording of their attendance.

Primitive systems that made use of manual registering such as timecard punching and various other methodologies were not that effective at all. 

As a result, companies had to suffer a lot on finances because of the attendance-related frauds committed by their employees. Most of the organizations were not able to record the timings of their employees’ arrival and departure.  

So, what can become the best remedy to avoid all such hurdles and obstacles while offering smooth acceleration to the functioning of the businesses? It is none other than a biometric attendance system that can help businesses overcome all these problems almost effortlessly. 

Here are some top benefits of a biometric attendance system that runs on face recognition technology:

Complete elimination of buddy punching possible

One of the most prominent advantages of a biometric attendance system for employee attendance and timekeeping is that no worker can clock in for any other individual at all.

The system prevents time theft that in the past used to cost millions of rupees each year to most companies. No individual can duplicate the characteristics of a biometric attendance system and that’s why they cannot do punching for others.  

An accurate and foolproof option

Since biometric credentials of each individual under the sun are unique and can never be duplicated under any condition, this attendance system proves to be 100% accurate and foolproof in recording the timings and facial and bodily features of an employee. Working on face recognition technology, this system helps businesses track workers’ time and attendance accurately and flawlessly. The advantages simply don’t stop here. With this revolutionary technology in place, businesses also get empowered to detect who is leaving early, who is arriving late, and who is doing unpermitted overtime.

Increased Productivity

With a biometric attendance system that runs on face recognition technology, a business can have increased productivity in their workplaces. As there is no need for any time recording manually, it saves a lot of workers’ time, lowers down staffing requirements, and offers accurate manpower data to the concerned department.

All this is a great help to any company in managing its business operations and results in increased productivity.

Some other benefits include:

  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Increase Employee Accountability Thanks to Audit Trails
  • Enhanced Job Satisfaction
  • Increase accuracy of payroll
  • Decrease burden on the payroll department
  • Improved Employee accountability
  • Improved compliance. 

Concluding Remarks 

A biometric attendance system that runs on face recognition technology has become the need of the hour, be it a small business or a large one.

These solutions are often a one-time investment, and once installed they keep performing without any hassle for years. The service provider that you choose sends a team of professionals to survey your premises and then suggest the solutions accordingly.

With technology continually progressing, you don’t have to worry about a big fat memory, just a single drive will do it all for you.