India has always been an alluring land for tourists from across the globe. As a top global travel destination in the world, the country is home to countless attractions that include fascinating nature-made sights, mesmerizing religious spots, and historical places.

It is a land of vibrancy and startling contrasts representing both modern and traditional worlds.

There are a large number of picturesque and alluring travel destinations in India. That cast a spell on travelers while providing them with an extremely, romantic natural ambiance. 

This blog explores India’s top 5 destinations that are perfect for celebrating. A relationship and for spicing up your romantic moments: 

Ziro (luxury travel)

luxury travel

Ziro (167 km from Itanagar) is an extremely beautiful plateau and one of the oldest towns in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. Located 1500 meters above sea level, this is the most beautiful hill station in the state.

Well-known as an entrancing travel destination in North East India, Ziro Valley magnetizes every visitor with its mesmerizing natural beauty.

What invites travelers from across the country and the globe to visit Ziro Valley includes:

    • Hypnotic natural beauty peppered with sprawling rice fields
    • Quaint villages concealed under thick layers of vibrant flora and fauna
    • Rolling green hills
    • Lush bamboo forests
    • Picturesque trails lined with tall blue and green pines
    • The imposing landscape of beautiful rivulets and elevated patches, and
    • Striking wildlife treasures (Talley Wildlife Sanctuary).

Ziro epitomic scenic beauty also entices a large number of nature. And photography enthusiasts. Who visit this hill station to soak their souls in its ethereal natural splendor.

Those interested in adventures can have an unparalleled jungle camping and soul-captivating trekking experience here.

The ‘Talley Wildlife Sanctuary’ here is home to the elusive clouded leopards offering an enthralling. Unforgettable experience to all the wildlife enthusiasts.

The launch of the ‘Ziro Music Festival’ in 2012 has also contributed a lot to making this hill town popular on an avid traveler’s map. 

The best time to visit Ziro with your mate is between October and March as the weather is comfortable and temperatures are pleasant (8°c – 14°c). So, get in touch with any of the best luxury travel companies India to plan your visit to Ziro. 

Auli (luxury travel)

Auli auli blog read write

Auli is India’s premier skiing destination offering the country’s longest cable ride over snowy slopes and spectacular views of Nanda Devi, India’s second-highest peak.

You can enjoy the amazing beauty of this place with your mate any time round the year. This is one of India’s most romantic travel destinations surrounded by the well-known Himalayan peaks of Nanda Devi and Nar Parvat.

You can also add more fun to your adventure by taking a cable car ride to Joshimath while getting enchanted by the red foxes, snow leopards, and the alpine flora of the region.

Those who are passionate about skiing, they can choose to visit this stunning place between January and March, and those who want to explore nature must visit Auli between October and March.

Get in touch with any of the reputed luxury travel companies in India and get set to explore Auli for romancing and cementing your relationship. 

Shimla (luxury travel)

shimla blog read write

All streets, roads, lanes, hotels, cafés, and nature trails in the city of Shimla exude romance to make your visit an unforgettable one with your mate.

Shimla, the state capital of Himachal Pradesh is an ideal destination. Whether it’s a honeymoon or a visit to celebrate a special relationship. What will charm you here includes:

  • Grand colonial structures
  • Mesmerizing panoramic views
  • Steep forested hillsides
  • Awe-inspiring mountain tracts
  • The neat, clean, and serene ambiance
  • The rustic charm of the city, and
  • The most unpredictable weather.

Throughout the year, people from each part of the country keep approaching the best luxury travel companies India to plan their trips to Shimla, mostly the couples arrowed by Cupid.

Being one of the loveliest hill stations in India for the lovebirds, the city of Shimla is also well-known for cozy cottages, mighty peaks, lush greenery, and a wide range of flora and fauna.

So, if you are willing to spice up your romantic moments with your mate. Then nothing is better than Shimla to enchant your moods.    


khajjiar blog read write

Well-known as the “Mini Switzerland of India”, Khajjiar is one of the most beautiful and peaceful hill stations in India. Located in Himachal Pradesh in the stunning Chamba valley, just 26 km away from the beautiful city of Dalhousie, this hill station is surrounded by:  



  • Forests of cedar trees
  • Beautiful snowy peaks
  • Opulent green hills
  • Deep valleys, and
  • Beautiful lush meadows. 

Apart from being mini Switzerland and the tourists’ paradise, Khajjiar is also well-known for its wildlife sanctuary. The 12th-century Khajji Nag temple, and amazing scope for hiking, camping, and gliding.

Get in touch with any of the best luxury travel companies in India to plan your trip to Khajjiar to explore nature and celebrate your relationship. 

Udaipur (luxury travel)

The city of Udaipur might seem to be an offbeat destination for those who want to spice up their romantic moments. But it tops the lovebirds’ list of the most preferred travel destinations.

Considered to be one of the most romantic cities in India. The city of Udaipur is also well-known as the “City of Lakes” in the state of Rajasthan. The picturesque beauty of the city reflects from its:

  • Large lakes
  • Royal forts
  • Amazing palaces converted into lavish hotels
  • Pleasant gardens, and
  • Peaceful atmosphere.

This royal City of Lakes is also far-famed for offering an outstanding blend of traditions. Modernity that enthuses the tourists not only from each part of India but also from the world over.

A 3-4 day stay in Udaipur is ideal for couples and lovebirds to explore the city. Add a new dimension to their relationship.

October to February is the best time to visit the city, so plan things well in advance by approaching any of the best luxury travel companies in India

Concluding Remarks 

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