Almora luxury travel India The Switzerland of India

Located on a ridge at the southern edge of the Kumaon Hills of the Himalayas range. Almora is a paradise for all those who love and admire nature most and are looking for transformational travel.

It is a place in the state of Uttarakhand well-known for beautiful handicrafts. A unique amalgamation of different cultures, appetizing food, and amazing wildlife.

Here’s what the Mahatma once said about Almora

Describing the beauty of this place, Mahatma Gandhi once said, “In these hills, nature’s hospitality eclipses all men can ever do. The enchanting attractions of the Himalayas, their bracing atmosphere. And the peaceful green that envelopes you leave nothing more to be desired. I wonder whether the scenery of these hills and the climate are to be surpassed if equaled, by any of the beauty spots of the world. After having been nearly three weeks in Almora Hills, I am more than ever amazed why our people need to go to Europe in search of health.”

The existence of Almora – the Switzerland of India

Thousands of tourists not only from India but also from across the globe visit this one of the best luxury travel India destinations every year. Often referred to as the ‘Switzerland of India’, Almora is an exceptionally beautiful place offering romance, charm, and serenity, along with a promise of turning the visits of tourists into an unforgettable and fun-filled experience. The existence of Almora dates back to the era of the Mahabharata according to which the Chand Kings of theExper Kumaon dynasty ruled here in the 8th and 9th centuries BC. The city has been named after a local plant called Bhilmora once extensively used to clean utensils and different other metallic items.

Places to visit in Almora

Zero Point – for the best view

Well-known for its calm vibe, photography, and scenic views, Zero Point is one of the landmark places in Almora. The snow-capped mountains at Zero Point are what make the city one of the most visited hill stations in the state. You take pictures of Kedarnath, Shivling, Nanda Devi, and some other revered Himalayan peaks from here. What’s more, the unique location of Zero Point in the inner part of the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary lets you enjoy the sound of birds chirping while you are engaged in photography and sightseeing.


While planning your transformational travel to Almora, you must have a pair of high-quality binoculars so that you can spot the snow-capped mountain peaks.

Bright End Corner

Well-known for the incredible Himalayan views, sunrise, and sunset, The Bright End Corner is considered to be the most magnetic place in Almora. It is an ideal place for all those who want to cherish the alluring views of sunrise and sunset. When the sun rays splatter beautifully over the city, the entire scenario looks just like a painting being created by God Himself. The tangerine chromaticity of dusk and dawn not only soothes your visual senses but also takes your visiting experience to a level that is inexpressible in words. In the same way, when the sun sets in the lush green and snow-capped mountains, it seems just like each element of nature has become dusky.


If you are planning your transformational travel to Bright End Corner in Almora to see and capture the best views, then the best time of the day to be here is either sunset or sunrise.

Jageshwar Temple

Located along the rivulet Jata Ganga and well-known for its impressive stone formations. The Jageshwar Temple is one of the best tourist destinations in the city of Almora for sightseeing. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple reflects the Nagara style of craftsmanship. This 7th-century temple in Almora is home to one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. The dense forests of rhododendrons, oaks, and pines are what surround the temple. This historical structure can be considered a significant stop of your transformational trip to Almora arranged by the best luxury travel India service providers. The whole heritage sites looks like heaven after the rains. This historical structure is an important step of your Almora sightseeing journey.


The best time to visit the Jageshwar Temple is during monsoons. Because the entire heritage sites looks like heaven after the rain.

Deer Park

Although there are many places to visit in the city of Almora. The deer park is famous for exotic and rare species of flora and fauna providing. The wildlife and nature enthusiasts with all that they can imagine. No visitors during their adventure and luxury travel India. Planning forget to see the deer park in the city of Almora. Here you can enjoy watching:

  • A wide range of deer species frolicking around
  • Lush greenery, flora, and fauna everywhere
  • A myriad of animals like leopard, and the rare Himalayan Black Bear
  • 100% nature-made beautiful surroundings.


Keep the edibles with you while visiting. The deer park as it can take the entire day to see everything here.

Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum

Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum is also one of the most visited places. The museum was established to pay honor to the brave soldiers of Indian Army  Kumaon and Naga Regiment. This place will fill you with the patriotic vibes while exposing to you:

  • The souvenirs and memories from the war
  • Chinese rifles used in the 1962 war
  • Kargil war abstract representations
  • Photographs of historical events, and
  • Different types of remains from the war.

Wrap up

If the thoughts of visiting Almora excite you. Then visiting the city can be planned easily by approaching any of the best adventure. The city is well connected by roads to all the major cities in the neighbouring states. It takes only 10-12 hours if you plan to visit Almora by car or bus from Delhi. Pantnagar is the nearest airport to Almora and the railway station nearby is Kathgodam. Although Almora can be visit any time of the year. The best period is from October to May to visit this mini ‘Switzerland of India’.