John Wick vs. Jason Bourne!

Or maybe The Batman vs. the Moon Knight.

Nope! We are not trying to create a blockbuster fight scene in a blockbuster movie. We are just saying that fight scenes are great to watch and can be even more enjoyable when you shoot them.

Yes, that task might be a little too tedious and lengthy too.

But it is again true that shooting a fight scene can make you knowledgeable about cinematography.

Imagine what you could have learnt had you worked with Chad, who directed the John Wick movies and then Illya, who made films such as Hardcore Henry and Nobody.

These films can teach you a lot filmmaking and that can get you to a position you will love.

But we always miss out on one good thing when such amazing ideas are stuffing our minds up.

And the thing we miss out on is nothing but money.

  • How Money May Not Be a Problem in Shooting a Fight Scene

You really need to look for a car loan with the keywords car finance deals near me in case you are trying to make a road movie.

Or if you want to use a car in the action sequence!

But the thing is with good filmmaking techniques, you really don’t need to wreck that car up.

We’ve got VFX to do that.

You can get it right with the shooting. But the action scenes can be well complemented with the help of a VFX expert.

Isn’t that an idea you have got?

Well, more on this later.

For now, let’s get deep into the ways we can shoot a fight scene…but in a budget.

  1. Make Short Action Films

Fine, the script is over and the readers have appreciated it.

You have done a wonderful job then!

But when you are making an action film, you need to know that you can still make it on a budget.

You can make a film for 100 pounds and then in 10000 pounds as well depending on the type of visuals and the quality you add to the film.

And since we are doing it on a budget, we can surely make the film more and more pocket0-friendly with inclusions.

There are action films, which are made on a low budget.

Just go through YouTube and search for short action films.

Most of these films are just 7 to 10 or 15 minutes long. However, they do promise the action you are looking for and they can pretty much be of use when you want an entertainment on your way somewhere.

Short action films are also good as they stick to the main point of watching an action film, which is nothing but ACTION.

So, take care of that.

Choose short action films and make a budget. You need to make a budget that is friendly for the shooting.

We are going to discuss the other factors shortly.

  1. Make a Budget

As mentioned in the previous point, making a short film can be done within a matter of months or probably days.

But not having a budget can literally screw you up.

In order to decide what the right budget is for making a film, you need to search and know about different standards of filmmaking.

But this is again a variable factor as films are of a different kind and the shooting costs vary according to location, actors; the type of films and special effects etc.

So, it is a good idea to evaluate the script in a budget-friendly way.

Let’s say your script has got a total of 5 action scenes and that you are estimating a total runtime of the movie to be at least 2 hours.

Now that is obviously going to cost you more money than you have imagined.

In order to let that not happen, what you can do is you can definitely make it more potential by cutting a few of the action scenes and making the remaining ones even longer.

With that, considerably less money may also be able to produce your movie.

But there are more things than this.

You can shoot the fight scenes in different locations but in the same unit.

We can give you more location hacks too if you continue reading on.

  1. Choose the People

Look we’re not trying to offend anyone.

But, we are trying to speak in a really commercial manner.

Now we are going to make sure that you understand the situation from all angles.

Think of two fight scenes in two different movies.

If we consider the Church fight scene in the first Kingsman movie, then we know how many people were involved there and what a great amount of money has been spent.

Let’s now think of the final fight scene from John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum. We see John fighting with a few men of the villain Zero.

Although there were actually 4 of them involved, the fight scene have been shot in different sequences where John (played by none other than Keanu Reeves) fought two villains separately in two different fight scenes.

What idea did you get here?

The more fights you have the better. The longer fights you have, the better. The more people you involve in a fight scene…

That’s going to be bad for the pocket.

Why don’t you shoot a fight scene with limited numbers of people and ask them to make a sequence a bit longer than usual?

And now we are going to talk about location preferences.

So, hurry up and look for an instant car finance approval if you need a car to pack the equipment and travel to a distant location.

  1. Choosing the Location

Now, it is your time to make sure where you want to shoot the film.

It is because shooting the film in the most beautiful scenery might not sell your movie unless the fight scenes are not enjoyable enough.

You need to blend in both the fight scene with its cinematic appeal.

If you choose a free location, which means a location that is not always restricted by governmental rules, then you might not need to pay fees for that.

A good location preference can be a way to minimise troubles in shooting and make a wonderful fight scene come alive as well.

Instead of shooting the fight scene in a comparatively busier location, try moving to the woods; the vast fields or the countryside where there is an abundance of locations to bring life and excitement to a fight scene.

Such open areas are also great to shoot a fight scene in vehicles.

So, think about it and make sure you are making the best ideas come to life.

Enough about location. It is time for us to learn about the crew.

  1. So, What You Can Do with the Crew?

To be frank, you can use the keyword car finance deals near me in many diverse ways in order to find the best loan option.

You can also make sure you use the same idea with the crew.

To get the most out of the crew, you need to think that whom you are bringing in the fight scenes.

Sure it is a good idea to work with rising stars.  They can b a good USP of the film and they can evnn make you way popular as a director or a producer.

But again they are stars and stars are expensive to employ.

Now, we can use two very interesting options.

We can be sure that we are using stuntmen and young stars or new faces for the first time. In that way, you can be able to finalise the financial deal in an affordable way as the first-timers won’t argue with money and that you can use the actor to his or her potential in your new film with training and customised guidance.

Or there is another great way.

Just ask the stuntmen to perform the role.

Yes, not all stuntmen can act or are willing to make part in acting. But they can still be of a very good assistance when they are working with a crew and they see the potential to rise with a producer who is trying to offer him or her the wonderful privileges of filmmaking.

  1. Shooting the Fight Scene Organically

Unless you are making the fight scene like Star Wars we are not going to argue with you.

But the best way to make use of a fight scene in a movie in the last budget is to use organic and practical performance-based fight scenes.

Think of the house fight scene in Jack Reacher. We are referring to the Tom Cruise starrer film where he fights three goons in the empty house of a suspect he has been looking for.

The scene is shot wonderfully in less than 5 minutes.

You can watch the violent action rushing before your eyes within a few minutes.

Added to that, the short fight scene offers a few moves that will keep you excited.

And at the last, it is satisfying.

But the scene had little to no visual effects. You will get no such special camera movements of slow-mo footage or anything that belongs to a kind of shooting when extensive support such as VFX is required greatly.

The fight scene does not have any sort of footage that needs animation. With that, no background music was added to the scene, which made it authentic and superbly enjoyable for people who like to watch raw action cuts.

With that being said, it can be stated that such a fight scene will drain less money as well since there are only a few actors involved.

  1. Taking Care of the Editing

Now editing comes into play when you want to finalise the fight scenes.

When shooting a fight scene from different angles, you can be sure that you took enough measures in making the fight scene as you have wanted it to.

But the visual effects category is something that can help you make more out of a film.

Well, you may not need that.

Reflecting on the previous point, we can be assured that the animation can be compromised in a few areas.

For example, if you shoot a fight scene organically and ask the actor or the stuntman or woman to slow down the punches, then it can add enough to your slow-mo effect.

Added to that, make the script in a way that you don’t need high-end cinematic effects.

A photographer from YouTube said you need to keep it simple if you want to learn photography.

Making things too loud can hamper your production.

So, keep things as organic as you can.

And then make it to a point to save some money with it.

On the Internet, you might find a lot of film editing software that can make quality editing and give you the end result you need.

Most Smartphones come with great cameras and they can be of good use because there is a lot of video editing software you can find on mobile platforms.

But that does not really mean that the desktop options are barren and that you might not get to download any software to edit your fight scene (and the entire movie) for free.

  • To Conclude

With instant car finance approval, you get the car you want.

Similarly, you can make a film if the ideas you need to put to use are coming your way.

So, think about it. Make it yours. Take responsibility for turning the film into a low-budget action film that would make it a standpoint.

You can also make budget films and make them examples of your work. Share them on popular platforms and tell them your story.

So, when will you begin shooting?

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