Thousands of people venture to launch their start every year, yet only a few can become successful. Aileen Lee, the founder of Cowboy Ventures, rightly termed the successful ventures with a valuation of over $1 billion a unicorn.

Finding unicorns is difficult in even the mythical world, and so is a start-up that may turn unicorns. The number of unicorn start-ups in the UK is below fifty. That’s how rare the unicorns are.

People come up with fantastic ideas, but they struggle to turn the idea into a profitable business, let alone a unicorn, almost all of the time. Unicorn start-ups result from a lot of effort, hard work, and willingness to go above and beyond.

Having a great idea and working for it to turn it into a billion-dollar segment can sound overwhelming. It requires a lot of funding which most people lack. While very bad credit loans no guarantor no broker direct lender, people do not know and understand how to approach them.

Sometimes people don’t know how to maintain cash flow, and their idea remains a mediocre business and never achieves traction. Today we are discussing some tips to turn a start-up into Unicorn.

Turn Your Unique Idea into a Unicorn

If we speak of the 2000s, the whole decade was booming with amazing new ideas. Facebook, Netflix, Dropbox, WhatsApp, and YouTube to name a few. These startups changed the world as we knew it.

The technology boom brought a whole lot of startups in the 2010s Instagram, Twitter, Airbnb, SpaceX, Tesla, and so many others. A new decade is here and some startups are already running the race to become the next unicorn.

A successful start-up relies a lot on a unique idea. It could be a computer program or a new app or website or a new kind of machine that is going to change the world.

If you have a unique idea, you are halfway there my friend. Now the other half requires a lot of time and planning and execution so you become the next tycoon to look for.

From the idea to success, you have to make so many sacrifices, and turns, depending on people who share your vision.

·         Maintain Cashflow

Cash flow management refers to the whole account of money coming in and out of the company. You need to optimise the cash flow of your start-up so that the money coming in consistently exceeds the money going out if you want to become a success.

Cash flow management for start-ups should be carefully monitored, which many lack. You must ensure ensuring there is enough cash surplus to pay monthly bills, rents, and employees. You also have to recognise when a financial gap is approaching.

If you find yourself in trouble or challenging to manage, you can do two main things. Hire a help. An experienced accountant can update your finances and give you an idea of coming expenses. In addition, the second one is to get a loan or keep it in the pipeline.

With a start-up under your hand, you can get very bad credit loans no guarantor no broker. Entrepreneurs can get preoccupied with technical aspects that they end up ignoring cash flow figures.

·         Finding the Best Investors

Finding a good investor to back top your start-ups is another thing you need. The investors should be on your side and understand your vision. When an investor invests in your start-up, they expect returns.

Most investors prefer to invest in tech businesses’ performance and ability to scale. Maintaining your profit to upscale will give them confidence for further investment.

If you can generate enough momentum and buzz, the top investors will call you and express their interest in being part of your venture. Marketing and publicity are equally important.

·         Thrifty LifeStyle

Profit is the goal of every firm, but for a unicorn, mere profit is not enough. You have to get a very handsome profit with increasing charts. Most entrepreneurs move to a luxurious lifestyle as soon as their organisation begins making a profit, which is a mistake.

Let me tell you this. Early profit does not signify long-term profit. There are plenty of examples of start-ups that failed after the first few successful years. You must adopt a thrifty lifestyle and use the money wherever you can.

You don’t need a luxury car or holiday in an exotic location. Financial tracking should be done daily, and avoid unnecessary expenses as much as you can.

Talk to your accountant and find ways to boost your cash reserves. No matter how much you plan, you never know what will happen next. Today’s unique idea is old tomorrow, so saving and being thrifty is the right approach to make your dream come true.

·         Are You Willing to Go Above and Beyond for Your Customers?

It is one of the prerequisites of becoming a unicorn. Don’t be satisfied with good enough. Chase the excellence. The best way to do it is customer satisfaction as they are the source of your income and profit.

When you continually assist your customers, they will recognise your company and give you credit. Customers will choose your product over the competition and run through different stores to find your product or service.

Spoil your customers and give them importance. Provide support when they need it. Go above and beyond. A happy customer base will lead your start-up to stand out and bring a better future.

Customers usually like unexpected delights and will remain loyal to your business over time if you provide them. Build an atmosphere in the customer-oriented workplace.

Train your customer service representatives, so they take your brand beyond the initial product sale.

·         Secure Rapid Growth for the First 100 and then 1000 Days

Building a unicorn isn’t like starting a business. Stay highly motivated to bring the next revolutionary brand into this world. Believe in your product or service and do shameless promotions.

Leave no stone unturned to see that every aspect of your start p machine is well oiled and running smoothly. Along with having a user-based approach, have your employees on your side.

Share your vision with them, encourage them to bring innovative solutions, and reward them for being unique. Motivated employees will take your business ahead and secure the growth you need.

Never stop learning. Stay inspired and make sure you are not falling into a rut. Your first target should be to run your enterprise for 100 days and then 1000 days. These small goals will take you a long way.

·         Automated Money Management for Payments and Transactions

When you are running a start-up, your mind is preoccupied with many things, and you might forget some payments. Did you know that many start-ups have died because of missing deadlines?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming a boon to easily maintaining so many things. Use it to your advantage. Have an automated money management system for payments and transactions.

It will save you a lot of hassle and time. You can use your spare time to manage and expand your business. Most big companies are using this software to grow and manage their finances.


The number of unicorn start-ups in the UK is under fifty, demonstrating how uncommon unicorns are. Aileen Lee, the founder of Cowboy Ventures, refers to the successful companies with a valuation of above $1 billion as unicorns.

Having an excellent idea and developing it into a billion-dollar business can seem daunting. It necessitates a significant amount of funding, which most people lack.

An original idea is crucial to a successful start-up. Start-up cash flow management should be closely managed to ensure adequate cash on hand to pay bills, rents, and workers. Another thing you’ll need is a reputable investor to help you launch your company.

Maintaining your profit to scale up will offer them the confidence to invest more. Entrepreneurs should practice frugal living and save money wherever they can. Today’s novel ideas will be obsolete tomorrow. Therefore, conserving and being frugal are the best ways to realise your desire.

Customer satisfaction is the finest way to do it because they are the source of your income and profit. Create a customer-focused environment in your workplace. To manage and build your firm, you’ll need an automated money management system for payments and transactions.

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