Robots have a come a long way and surprisingly they seem to replace human beings. Involvement of robots does exist in almost all sectors from health and fitness to your home. They have undoubtedly removed the need of human beings for most of the work.

For instance, you do not need any one for paper handling work, handling queries, and all kinds of repetitive tasks. You do not need a maid to clean your house.

Whether it is guarding your house when you are away or buying groceries, robots seem to be smart enough to do many tasks that you have been doing on your own. You can see the presence of robots everywhere whether it is your workplace or your home.

Robots making your life more convenient

Studies have revealed that robots have made life of people much easier. Here are some of the robots that you must buy.

  • Lynx Robots

It is the latest advancement with combining the features of Amazon Alexa to provide you with a smarter home companion. With its advanced features, you can talk to the robot. Equipped with AI, it can understand and reply you.

lynx robots

It has a surveillance mode that enables it to guard your house when you are away. In addition to walk, Lynx can perform actions like yoga, karate and show you some dance moves. This is a perfect companion that entertains you as well. It is constantly becoming smarter and more helpful with added advanced features.

  • Pillo Health Robots

If you are conscious about yours and your loved ones’ health, this robot will come in handy. This robot will bring home your healthcare mission. With the help of Pillo Health, you can keep yourself free from complicated health routines.

Pillo Health robots

Featured with artificial technology, it will act like a health companion. Now you will not forget taking your medication because this will alert you, and it is possible because it is featured with voice technology.

It will keep you motivated and encouraged to stick to health goals. Your health professional will get real-time alerts to monitor your health remotely. With this robotic technology, it has become easier to adhere to your health goals without compromising with independence and comfort of anyone including your healthcare professionals. Safety is the priority and therefore Pillo uses camera and biometric technology to detect the medication has been given to the correct user.

You do not need a separate cabinet to store medication as Pillo provides you with a large cabinet to store medicines of up to four weeks. This will alert you when you are to refill it. Further, it will also remind you which medicine you have to take and when, and therefore you do not need to sort medication.

You will get your medication even if the cabinet has medicines of other members as well because Pillo uses facial recognitions or PIN to dispense medicines. You can connect it to your mobile phone app to track your health progress and share the report with your doctor.

  • Winbot 880 Robots

Window cleaning seems to be a herculean task. Moreover, it is not easy to get professional cleaning, but now you do not need to worry at all because self-cleaning window cleaner can efficiently clean the window glass. It can reach to every corner and provide spotlessly cleaning.

The key features include remote control, voice reporting, four-stage cleaning process, 30-minute backup battery, and navigation technology. It can detect edges in frameless windows, so no chances of going over any edges.

Winbot 880 robot

Once it has finished its cleaning job, it will return to the point from where it started so you do not need to lose your comfort to retrieve. With four-stage cleaning options, you can switch from automatic cleaning mode to deep clean mode. You will get seamless cleaning.

Deep clean mode is for the dirtiest windows. It cleans them twice. It wipes, scrapes and scrapes and wipes to clean tough window glasses. Featuring Spot Mode, this automatically understands which areas require deep clean. It stays secure even if the power is cut. It can be run for up to 30 minutes. You can operate via remote. You can start, stop, pause and change the direction when you want.

  • ILIFE X5 – Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Household cleaning has now become easier for those who are always on the go. You do not need to hire an expensive professional cleaner when you have a better and more affordable substitute.

However, you can seek private loans in the UK if you cannot pay its price outright. This robot can save time and energy and spotlessly clean your house. You do not need to be present at your home when it is in use. After finishing his job, it will stop working. Integrate it to an app, to control it with your mobile device.

ILIFE X5 – Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This smart robot knows the difference between the cleaning surface and furniture, so it can protect them against a scratch and collision. Regardless of the type of floor, it can spotlessly clean your house without giving off loud noise.

You can carry out other tasks when it is cleaning surface. It is also suitable for carpeting floor, which is tough to clean.

  • Aido Robots

It is a family robot that is known for ding almost all tasks. It can do household chores, play with your kids, keep your house safe, and handle your schedule.

Aido robots

You will find this robot as a new member of your family. It can be at your beck and call. You will have to book it beforehand if you want to buy it. You may need to take out loans without brokers if you cannot pay for it outright. However, do not ignore checking your repaying capacity.

  • Tapia Robot

Fin a companion as well as an assistant in a robot. As you look at its adorable eyes, you cannot stop yourself talking to it. Tapia can recognise human voices and actions to serve you better. How about a robot giving you wishes on your birthday?

Tapia robot

Tapia can do it. It can learn birthday dates and your names over time with conversations you hold with them. Shaped like an egg, Tapia can also update you about the weather, make calls and order a variety of products online to be bought. It will tell you jokes to lighten up your mood after spending a stressful day.

It can also capture images, so when you are celebrating with your family or friends, you do not need to use your own mobile phone. You also do not need to worry about storage. You can look at them when you want to walk down the memory lane. It can also play music to keep your mood light. If you just want to dive into music aura, Tapia can help you with it.

The bottom line

There are various robots you can use at your home to live a convenient life. Some of them can be bought only when you book in advance. If you lack sufficient money, you can borrow it from a reputed lender. However, you must do proper research before that because otherwise it will drag you into an endless debt spiral.

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