Wine is an alcoholic drink made up of fermented juices of grapes. It can be made with fruits like apples, plums, and etc. There are some variants in wine: White wine, Red wine, Rose wine, Fruit wine, Honey wine (Mead), and starch-based wine or wine-based products.

Wine has a unique flavour which explains sweetness (from dry to sweet like Maple syrup), acidity (PH in between 2.5-4.5), alcohol (10% ABV to 15% ABV), aroma compounds and tannin (especially in Red Wine). If you are in India, and looking for best wine brands in India, then below is the list of 10 Best Wine Brands in India: –

1 – Myra Misfit

Myra Misfit is a wine which is the blend of Siraz and Sauvignon and manufactured in French Oak. It is only available in Goa, Maharastra and Karnataka in India. It will cost you Rs 1000 for 500 ml.

2 – KRSMA Sangiovese

It is a wine which is garnet in colour and is made up of jasmine, berries and also having spice aromas. It can be taken with dark chocolate, red cherries and some brown spices. It will cost you Rs 1600 per 500ml.

3 – Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz

It is a wine which pairs very well with Indian food such as Biryani. It is infused with the flavour of vanilla and berries. It will cost you Rs 1,100 for 750 ml.

4 – Fratelli Sette

It is a blend of Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. This wine also carries silky tannins and vanilla. It will cost you Rs 1200 for 500 ml.

5 – Charosa

Charosa is a blend of grapes and spices. It can be served with lamb, grilled meat and dark chocolates. It will cost you Rs 1.000  per 500 only.

6 – Seagram’ a Nine Hills

It is a Red wine having top notes of vanilla with fruity notes of cherries and strawberries. It can be served chilled with Indian food. It will cost you Rs 850 only.

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7 – Chene by Grover Zampa

Chene is best Red wine made up of currant, blackberries, ripe plums along with some roasted coffee beans and taste of vanilla and spices. It will cost you Rs 1200 per 500ml only.

8 – Big Banyan Merlot

Merlot from Big Banyan is quintessential Red wine and made up of dark cherries, plums, berries with cocoa and black pepper. You can enjoy this red wine with less spicy food along with a group of your friends. It will cost you Rs 500/500ml only.

9 – Kinvah Manthan

Kinvah Manthan is a blend of some highly expensive and premium grapes varieties. This Red wine is having a rich taste, elegant aroma, delicate, and it is sweet and fruity. It is best served when chilled at 16-180 C. It will cost you Rs 400/500ml.

10 – Rasa Shiraz

Rasa Shiraz is a product of Sula Vineyards of Nashik. Rasa Shiraz, a vintage red wine is loved by people because of its classic aroma. It is used in the preparation of Barbeques and also in some other dishes. Rasa Shiraz’s price is Rs 1175 only for 750 ml.


The above list contains the top ten  best brands of wines either red or white or other. After going through this list, you can easily choose which to buy. It will help you a lot definitely.