Difference Between Reactive and Active Monitoring

Reactive monitoring

(taking action after a problem occurs)

Proactive (or active) monitoring

(taking action before problems occur) involves

•    Review of accidents and ill-health reports – often to check that remedial advice has been actioned or ascertain trends and hot spots.

•    Review of procedures following dangerous occurrences, other property damage and near misses.

•   Review of compensation claims

•The active monitoring of the workplace for unsafe conditions.


•The direct observation of workers for unsafe acts .


•Meeting with management and workers to discover any problems.

•  Review of complaints from the workforce and members of the public.

•  Review of procedures following enforcement report and notices.

•  Review of risk assessments following the discovery of additional hazards.


•  Checking documents, such as maintenance records, near miss reports, insurance reports .


•  Undertaking workplace inspections, sampling, surveys, tours and audits.

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